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13 July 2018News

Diamond's founder, Maureen Graham features in Business weekly

12 July 2018Brexit

UK Governement's Brexit White Paper shoots for a common rule book and continuity in highly regulated maufacturing…

05 July 2018Brexit

Clinical Trials Post Brexit: Breaking news and opinion from the BIA and MHRA Conference 2018

29 June 2018Brexit

BREAKING: MHRA will no longer act as RMS in new EU procedures from July 2018. UK separation strategies begin.

27 June 2018News

In this video our Deputy Managing Director, Nick Littlebury explains the cornerstones of Regulatory Affairs at TOPRA's…

22 June 2018News

We celebrate today the opening of our new 10,000 sq.ft. headquarters at Field House in Harlow by our local Member of…